• Fits all 2-litre pop bottles currently on the market.
• Just slide the pop bottle into the SodaCaddy™.
The inside bottom will grab the bottle bottom and
lock it into place for easy opening.
• The shoulder of the SodaCaddy™ will hold the
pop bottle in place when pouring.
• The outside bottom of the SodaCaddy™ creates
a flat stable surface..

• No more spilling when opening the pop bottle.
• No more spurting when you pour the pop—
just open the cap and pour using the handle.
• No more tipping over on the fridge shelf or
on the cupboard shelf.
• Ideal for cross-promotions and branded
promotional product opportunities.
• Increases sales of profitable 2-litre pop.


Unique! Useful and Affordable

Ideal for the whole family!

Innovative Household Products

Introducing SodaCaddy™—the simple, affordable
solution to the well-known problem of handling
and pouring awkward, heavy 2-litre pop bottles.
Made of lightweight durable poly-plastic with an
easy grip handle suitable for all ages, SodaCaddy™
makes it easy to store, pour and enjoy.
Plus, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.